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Pamela possesses an incomparable set of skills whetted over nearly 35 years of experience in clinical social work, medical case management, corporate consulting, and teaching appointments at the college level. Recognized for her combined genuine warmth and pragmatic approach in counseling and psychotherapy situations, Pamela has the respect of and is a valuable resource to, Family Court Judges and Family Law Attorneys.
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Areas Of Expertise

General Mental Behavioral Health Counseling

Workshops, Speaking Engagements, & Classes

Divorce Coaching/Counseling

What some have to say about Pamela:

  1. " I have had the pleasure of working with Pam for several years. She exhibits a perfect combination of empathy and compassion with firmness and grit when working with divorcing couples. It is a constant challenge to move in and out of these roles and Pam adapts to the client’s needs in the moment. Any client(s) would benefit greatly from having Pam work with them through this very challenging time!” - B.F.M., Attorney
  2. “Nearing two years of impasse of an on-going high conflict situation involving our minor child, Pamela was recommended to provide assistance. Within 7 hours over two days Pamela and our GAL helped us craft our amicable Parenting Agreement/Allocation Judgment. The mother and I continue voluntarily in weekly sessions with Pamela to continue our success and navigate difficulties along the way” - C.N.F. (Client)
  3. "You really seem to have an excellent strategy to help people before, during, and after their divorce. We need more proactive, divorce process/law educated, and compassionate therapists like you." Jessica L. Malmquist, Attorney, Collaborative Law Fellow & Mediator
  4. “Excellent listening skills. Effective. Empathetic and warm in connecting with both parties. Maintains neutrality and has a relaxed demeanor. Has a natural talent for mediation”. Expert Trainers, CCR